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Chinese culture machine

With the continuous development of the intelligent age, people pay more attention to cultural taste while constantly pursuing high-quality life. As an important carrier of cultural inheritance and a tool for children's education, Chinese learning machine has been valued and concerned by more and more parents and educational institutions.

Based on the concept of being close to children's life and a brand-new learning method for children, the children's Chinese learning machine adopts a game-based teaching method to help children quickly establish knowledge and understanding of Chinese learning knowledge, and improve children's cultural taste, moral cultivation and lifelong learning ability.


So, what are the highlights of Guoxueji?

1. Built-in massive resources
Chinese classics, Tang poems and Song lyrics, story encyclopedias, Chinese children's songs, Chinese and Western music, English learning... The Chinese learning machine has built-in rich and diverse resources, which can be easily listened to and enjoyed by children without the need for the Internet or downloading, and fully enjoy the charm of traditional culture.



2. Synchronized subtitles, follow-up literacy

Guoxue Machine adopts the subtitle synchronization technology. Every time a sentence is read, the subtitle will be displayed immediately, helping children to read while listening, easy to read and improve their language skills. The follow-up mode allows children to learn correct pronunciation and intonation, and develop confident expression skills.

3. High-definition sound quality, care for hearing

The Guoxue machine is equipped with full-band sound quality technology to ensure clear and pleasing sound quality. Every piece of ancient poems and masterpieces will be presented in high-definition sound quality, allowing children to enjoy pure and pleasant sounds whi to protect their hearing.


4. Repeat/play at double speed, adapt to each stage

Guoxue Machine supports repeat reading and double-speed playback functions, which can be switched freely according to children's learning progress and needs. In the beginner stage, listen repeatedly and savor carefully; in the consolidation stage, play quickly and review quickly. Flexible functions make the Chinese Learning Machine a powerful assistant for children.


5. Carry it with you, listen to it when you turn it on

The Guoxue machine is small and light, easy to carry around. No matter at home, school or on the road, just turn on the phone, and you can enjoy the feast of Chinese culture anytime, anywhere, and the operation is simple and easy to understand.

6. High-definition LED display, clear and easy to read

With high-definition LED display, the content is clear and easy to read, no matter indoors or outdoors, children can easily read. The soft light design ensures that the display screen is not dazzling, protects children's eyesight health, and makes learning more comfortable.


7. AI intelligent dialogue, children's "Chinese teacher"

The Guoxue machine has an AI intelligent dialogue function. It is not only a learning partner for children, but also their Guoxue teacher. Children can engage in interactive dialogues with Guoxueji, ask questions, seek answers, and obtain more personalized learning guidance. The Guoxue Machine will accompany them to explore the mysteries of Guoxue.

8. Breakpoint memory, automatically play the last content

Guoxue machine has a breakpoint memory function, whenever it is turned on, it will automatically continue the last playback content. Children can easily continue learning from where they left off, without missing any important content, and continuously improve the learning effect.

9. On-demand remote control, more convenient operation

The Guoxue machine is equipped with an on-demand remote control, which makes the operation more convenient. Children can choose the content they want to listen to according to their preferences and needs, and realize fixed-point playback. In this way, they can freely choose the learning content according to their interests and study plans.

10. U disk expansion, plug and play

Guoxue Machine supports U disk expansion function, just insert the U disk, you can play MP3, WMA and other audio files downloaded from the Internet, so that children can freely choose more high-quality learning resources and start a broader learning journey.


Chinese learning machine, making the road of Chinese learning closer and easier! Let children absorb the nourishment of traditional culture in pleasant learning, and cultivate their aesthetic sentiment and comprehensive quality. Let us look forward to the wider application of the Guoxueji program in the field of education, awaken traditional wisdom, and lead the development of future education.

Shenzhen Zuichuang Microelectronics Co., Ltd., as a professional electronic and electrical program development and design company, has been deeply involved in the field of educational electronic products, small household appliances, smart electronic toys, smart home and other consumer electronic products for many years, including the research and development of Chinese learning machines. , focusing on providing customers with high-quality children's Chinese learning machine program services, so that children can feel the charm of traditional culture at home and meet the needs of consumers and the market.

After more than 20 years of development, we have provided many customers with high-quality customized solutions for children's education products and high-quality customized services, which are well received and trusted by customers. Our R&D team has rich experience, can customize according to customer needs and specific scenarios, and provide a full range of technical support and considerate after-sales service.

Frequently Asked Questions for Guoxueji Program

1. What is the application field of Guoxueji?

Guoxueji is mainly used in many fields such as children's education, extracurricular tutoring, intelligent education, digital culture, and audio-visual entertainment. In scenarios such as families, kindergartens, primary schools, and cultural tourism, the Guoxueji solution has a wide range of application values.

2. Why is Guoxueji favored by more and more consumers?
Relying on cultural inheritance and the needs of the education field, Guoxueji is based on traditional Chinese culture, combined with digital technology and intelligent education, and has strong product competitiveness and market brand appeal. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of people's cultural quality and the advancement of educational concepts, Chinese learning machine has become an important tool to improve cultural taste and quality.

3. What is the cooperation process like?
You can communicate product solution requirements through the [Contact Us] channel on the official website. We will have professional technicians to evaluate the feasibility of the product solution. If a preliminary cooperation intention is reached, the solution can be selected and approved.

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